Where Do My Pens Go?

Where do my pens go?

I can buy a pack of six and the next thing I know, the only pen I can find in my backpack or desk is the cheap ball-point I stole from the last hotel room I shook down.  Those pens have to be  scheming in the package and once freed, meet up at a designated place and run away.  But where do they go?  What kind of life is it for a pen on the run?

Wrapping up a recent get-away to Miami with my gal Cindy…we obviously enjoyed the opportunity to escape this defeating winter but we were especially pleased to discover the neat little town of Hollywood just north of Miami.  YELP helped us find THE TIPSEY BOAR, featuring an imaginative menu and enough beer selections to keep me busy for months.

A successful afternoon spent at GULFSTREAM PARK, Horse Track and Casino also highlighted  our trip.  This ultra modern gaming palace which is surrounded by a high-end mall is worth visiting even if you keep your wallet in your pants.

Oh yes…Miami is still populated by a zillion crotchety old east coast seniors focused on squeezing into line in the grocery store and on the streets.

A couple of recent TASTEY finds…..MATT THE MILLERS PUB in Carmel, IN featuring my favorite malty beverage: MATILDA from Goose Island Brewery.

Offering a shout-out and a burp for a couple of new entires in the domestic bottled arena: from Miller Brewing…FORTUNE..yummy with a little extra horse power and from BUSCH….BUSCH?  Where have they been?  My first BUSCH was part of a 99 cent 6-pak.

“BUSCH Signature Gold” might well be in test market in Indianapolis but let me tell you…by far the best cheap beer goin’ today.

OK- that’s the Bull and Beer for now- hurry back, this is kinda fun.




Captain Kurt

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