CHI is no NYC – thank God

My NYC running mate
My NYC co-pilot
Left Field Bleachers at Wrigley

Left Field Bleachers at Wrigley

I bounced in and out of New York City last month and spent a busy couple of days in Chicago this weekend which is like a side-by-side taste test of Big City Indulgence.
The Big Apple days were filled with over the top dining and a tour of nearly every Irish Pub in the 212 area code.  Intermittently my daughter Kelly and I cruised in and out of vintage shops and I waited patiently outside two dozen boutiques while she patrolled the racks of fashion.

My NYC trips always yield a bevy of laughs but unfortunately they are frequently stained by encounters with rude people, zombie-like cabbies, a filthy subway system and  $8 drafts.

I guess that’s what makes me appreciate Chicago. 

Our traditional afternoon stroll up the Windy City’s Michigan Avenue once again wore the numbers off my debit card as daughters Kelly and Kimmy refreshed their coed wardrobes.

A welcome time-out was negotiated and we ducked into Pippin’s Tavern on Rush Street for a couple of pints of StrongBow Cider and a look at the unsuccessful bid for the Triple Crown.

Dinner that night is worth mentioning (as I promised them I would)….a delightful outing at Devon Seafood Grill on East Chicago just around the corner from Water Tower Place.  Five stars for the soundings, the service and the chow.  My seafood bouillabaisse was jammed with shell fish, Cindy had lobster four-ways and the seared tuna to my right was out of site.  The lobster bisque which made it’s way around the table twice was the best to cross these lips in a long time.

Late Sunday morning was spent tuning up for the Cubs game at Murphy’s Bleachers  outside of Wrigley’s outfield entrance.  Hurray for Murphy’s….MATILDA on tap!  My two youngest were making their rookie starts in the Left Field Bleachers on this day and neither was disappointed.  I think the popular phrase “Sunday-Funday’ originated in this, the most storied seating section in all of sports.

Game? What game?  The Vienna Hot Dogs were snappy, the sun was hot, the beer was cold and our cabbie even spoke english.

Till next time….keep your bingo card dry.


Captain Kurt

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