So Cal Sun, Suds & Weiners

A quick jaunt to the left coast last week for Daughter #1’s wedding produced some lasting memories with the wife, kids, family and friends.

Our traditional family visit to Huntington Beach included and the inebriating “doubleheader” of Longboards and The Aloha Grill. The Longboard stop included steamed clams and cold brew while the night-cap at the Aloha featured their Barber Pole rum-bomb called “The Rainbow” and the always tasty fish tacos.

An afternoon at Del Mar Racetrack, a couple beach visits and a humbling visit to the retired aircraft carrier Midway in San Diego Harbor highlighted the tourist stops during the abbreviated week.

Wedding day and the subsequent post party went off without a hitch….guests were fed from a food truck with the Ahi Tuna outscoring several great items… wedding down and three to go.

Our Saturday began with a trip the Stone Brewery in Escondido. Stone is the 10th largest craft brewery in the US with MY blue ribbon winner of the week, a Belgian Quad called QUADROTRITICLE. Yesterday I discovered one of my favorite local pubs the COBBLESTONE GRILL in Zionsville has

The whole damn family plus one boyfriend

The whole damn family plus one boyfriend

Kimmy, Arielle and Kelly hangin on the Huntington Beach Pier

Kimmy, Arielle and Kelly hangin on the Huntington Beach Pier

this very same brew on tap…bombs away!

Later we visited Tip Top Meats in Carlsbad and carried home a couple of bags of fresh German Hot Dogs, Brats and a 4 pound marinated Tri-Tip which is squirreled away in my freezer for a special occasion.

Get-away-day was punctuated by our best restaurant meal, a brunch spread accompanied by the “Bottomless Mimosa” at the Herringbone, a neat joint near the beach in La Jolla. Hats off to our server Brandalyn for the fine service at this must visit eatery.

Until next time, stay in school….

Captain Kurt

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