Airport Seating and the Mexican Conspiracy

photo-20On a recent jaunt to the Rivera Maya strip in Mexico I confirmed my revelation
that half of all airport chairs are useless.

Flyers conveniently load the seats on either side of them to discourage
neighbors causing unlucky travelers to find comfort on the floor
or in an over priced eatery. Even if you do squeeze in, the design of the
boxy seating makes you eager to slide into the uncomfortable
seats that await you on the plane.

My boarding area in Chicago resembled an SAT Test Session in the school cafeteria, fifty full seats and fifty empty seats.

And while I’m at it, I want to expose a clear conspiracy between the
Mexican resort operators and local airport authority. It involves the free airport livery in exchange for requiring me to be at the airport some 4 hours prior to departure.

It took me exactly 5 minutes to check in at the United counter and clear the Mexican version of our TSA. The route in leads you right into an elaborate duty-free Shopping Mall that rivals Macy’s at Christmas time and then empties you into the actual terminal.

It’s there you’ll find another set of peso vacumes like Bubba Gumps restaurant and Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville eatery and a variety of other bars and food options.

OK- I get it….I dropped about $60 out of sheer boredom.

I’ve got an idea….Why not make the airport part of the all-inclusinve package
I paid at the resort…at least the “shake-down” would be a bit less obvious.

More on my trip later…in the meanwhile, don’t drink the water.

Captain Kurt

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