Indy’s “TASTE” A Winner


It’s Wintertime in Indy and dining out is the highlight of the week.

At the suggestion of our dinner guests, the wrestling tag-team of JC and Crystian, we discovered
TASTE, a neighbor of the famous Red Key Tavern at 52nd and College in Indianapolis.

Our very chirpy server Christan became our friend from the outset and provided big league service throughout the night. I instantly settled in and declared myself Mayor after discovering they were pouring my favorite ale “Matilda” from Goose Island Brewery.

The two generous chicken cutlets smothered in a blue cheese sauce with mash potatoes riding shot-gun didn’t stand chance on my plate. Wife Cindy chose the Roasted Chorizo, two incredible Mexican style sausages with a fabulous reduction…. the kind that makes you want to lick the plate.

The guys choose a bit lighter fare of Smoked Salmon topped greens and a mini taco bar at your table set-up. Both selections got “ I would order again” reviews.

TASTE” and it’s sister E&D eatery are most proud of their breakfast and lunch offerings and are only open on Wednesday and Thursday nights (and Friday in February). Check them out at- for details.

PS: A mini-shout out to Danny Boy Brewery in the West-Clay community. They feature some tasty home-brew and a fair selection of “Guest Handles” in a spartan tasting room setting.

Keep your socks dry-


Captain Kurt

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