Had I Been Kidnapped?

Union 50 Restaurant and Bar in Indianapolis is very cool.

Housed in an innocent block building at the confluence of East St. and Mass Avenue,
the former Labor Union Hall shocked me when I the hit door.

A quick survey of the scene revealed nearly a hundred short black dresses blended with
blinged-up jeans and boat shoes all neatly packed into a very compelling space the size of an old grade school gym.

I wondered aloud “had I been kidnapped and dropped in Las Vegas”?

Our pre-partied group of seven was seated at a centrally located high top under a 50 foot industrial looking ceiling where our charming and skilled server Angela took over and managed our experience flawlessly.

Although a butt-load of liquor anchored one entire wall, I opted to enlist in an series of Belgian IPA’s from Clown Shoes Brewery. Yes…it seems all the other brewery names have been taken.

The kinda pricey menu was simple but offered a balanced choice. I opted for the BBQ Pork on a football shaped Ciabatta brick while wife Cindy dined on Kimchi Meatloaf that knocked her bloomers off. Wood fired sea scallops were also in the mix but the Superstar tonight was the Smoked Pork Chop.

11005018_1553173648288529_1022898441_nThink of Shaq O’Neal’s hand…now convert that into a pork chop dripping with a yummy drizzle, perched atop a crispy waffle.

Union 50, get the heart paddles ready, I’m coming back.10946661_877853935571253_984808583_n

Captain Kurt

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