Super Chicken at THE EAGLE in Natti


Earlier this week I was hold-up in Cincinnati and enjoyed a memorable business lunch at THE EAGLE. It’s nestled amongst similar hip eateries and shops on Vine Street and well worth finding.

During the short wait for my guests, my very friendly bar-keep Joshua served up lots of chatter and a very tasty “Golden Monkey” from Victory Brewing.
Chicken…yes good old fashioned deep fried Chicken is the feature item here. Served in quarters, halves or the whole bird, in white or make the call. Add the spicy honey drizzle and you’ve created an afternoon-long smile on your face.

My hosts Dan and Rusty proceeded to insure that I got a taste of every side on the menu instructing our nerdy waiter Ben to keeping bringing them till the table was full… spoon bread, slaw, deep fried hominy, mac and cheese….any two sides could have been a meal by themselves.

When you’re in the Queen City, put THE EAGLE on your dance card. And swing into the neighboring “elm & iron” shop….I left with a bag of gifts and a used field hockey stick for some unknown reason.

Peace Out-

Captain Kurt

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